After 4 years of research, finding land, meeting the tribesmen and villagers, phase 1 of our Namunda Primary School is complete! The grand opening is scheduled for Fall 2014 and we are so excited!


The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to plague Malawi. The National rate of infection among adults remains near 11%, due in large part to a lack of education. Approximately 51,000 people die of AIDS each year – enough people to fill an average stadium.

HIV/AIDS has had a particularly devastating impact on children. According to UNAIDS, 120,000 children are currently living with HIV and 650,000 children are orphaned by the epidemic. These numbers may be daunting, but even a little progress can make a significant difference. Poor education and limited vocational training programs mean there are few opportunities for Malawians to improve their situations.

The Hamels Foundation’s commitment to building a school to help educate Malawi’s children and bring relief to the situation is coming to fruition. The first Primary School (grades 1-8) will encompass a curriculum which not only includes education basics, but also vocational training to enhance the opportunities of Malawi’s children to constructively add to their immediate community’s betterment. Education in Malawi is a community problem and The Hamels Foundation is strongly committed to assisting in developing a community solution by working closely with the Ministry of Education and the people of Namunda Village.

You can make a direct impact on the students at the Namunda Primary School by leaving a legacy. 100% of your donation goes back into the Namunda Primary School.