In honor of Valentine’s Day, we dedicated this week to sharing a few of the many reasons why we LOVE education. At The Hamels Foundation, we aim to give every child the tools to learn and grow. With your help, we are changing lives and improving education around the world.

In every community we serve, education makes a powerful difference – from children to their family members and parents to neighbors – the effect of education is ongoing. It gives children and their families the opportunity to become powerful difference-makers in their communities. Children can improve their futures by tangibly seeing the difference education makes in their everyday lives.

And with your help, every single dollar goes to improving a child’s educational growth. Education has transformative powers directly related to health and well-being, economic stability, and individual empowerment. When children have the learned skills of decision-making and problem-solving, they can better navigate their lives as well as exploring creative and inventive ways to solve everyday issues. They can see a world that is bigger than what’s right in front of them and use the tools they are given to bring about change. The result: education is the answer.

Nothing is more empowering than the smiles hope and opportunity brings to a child and a community. With hearts full of love (for you and education), we ask YOU to join us this month in showing your love for education. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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