The Holiday season is upon us! The time of year we examine all we’ve done for the last 11 months, start making lists, and focus on what we are grateful for. This year at The Hamels Foundation, we are grateful for YOU. We are thankful, each and every day, that we get to help our youth with education and our communities with growth. We are especially grateful that we have so much to give – love, hope, and joy – and so many supporters who believe in giving back to their communities and to communities around the world.

Our mission is education, and we believe that knowledge is not only one of the most amazing skills a child can have, but a basic right that every child should have access to. As literacy can open a world of imagination, information, and success, books are one of the best, most vital tools you can give a child in need. Our Holiday wish? To have #NoEmptyShelves at our Namunda Primary School in Malawi, Africa.

Over 620 students, called “learners”, attend our Namunda Primary School annually. A majority of learners utilize the library before and after school to complete homework. With desks, electricity, and space to study, we hope to improve learning with library books and bookbags for every student.

Why Books?

Over 785 million people in the world are illiterate, and 123 million of those people are school-age children. We believe we can change that through the power of education. Donate a book for $10.

Why Bookbags?

Most of our learners in Malawi walk miles to and from school every day – can you imagine? Bookbags are a helpful means of transportation for books, homework, and other educational resources. Donate a bookbag for $10.

Helping us deliver books and bookbags to children across the world will bring joy like no other this Holiday season! Your generosity and kindness gives children HOPE for a better future, and together, allows us to make a difference. Remember, every single penny goes directly to the children and communities we serve.

Be a part of something BIG for something so small. If you are able to donate this Holiday season, please consider The Hamels Foundation. Let’s celebrate children, their futures and imagination, and leave #NoEmptyShelves.