We are gearing up for Top of the Hill next week, and a lot of our hard work is thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, All Worldwide Travel. We sat down with Holly Gampa, President of All Worldwide Travel, who runs her life the way she runs the agency – with awesome efficiency.

Q: We want to know…who are you in a nutshell?

A: I just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary this past May with my Leo and am the mom of three boys Jacob (18), Lucas (16) and Maxwell (15), which makes me the only female member of the Gampa Gang. I am always grateful to wake up on the right side of the grass, and I’ve never have the right words to express just how much I love my family. We reside in Bucks County, where I have been my entire life. I am dedicated to working hard and hope that I am making a difference in this lifetime.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A: My happiest of times are spent with my family and friends. They will attest that I am a super-spontaneous Sagittarian spirit, who loves to write, travel and just share in memorable moments. My family is my number one priority and that foundation has helped us to give back in many ways through All Worldwide Travel.

Q: Why did you start All Worldwide Travel?

A: We (my Mom Eileen, sister Trina and I) actually started All Worldwide Travel in 1997 offering corporate and leisure travel to organizations that needed a high-touch, high-quality service but didn’t need all of the dollars that were behind that. As we continued to grow, we noticed teams were interested in us because we had a few connections. We started brainstorming on how we could be more effective in the travel industry.

Q: How did you hit on your travel formula?

A: In January of 2000 I had my first son, which came with some sleepless nights. My brain was always turned on. I would wake up my husband to run ideas past him. God Bless him for both tolerating and assisting me over the years. While we were working with a few teams on July 1, 2000, I focused mainly on marketing to club and collegiate sports teams while Trina and Eileen continued to focus on Corporate travel.

I will never forget my first coach, Coach Kenny Howe with Keene State College, responded to my email and over time referred us to his friends within the coaching sector because of the service level we were providing. I didn’t know it then, but there was a definite need for these teams to find ways to save budgeting dollars. After thinking this through I realized, there was no box that could confine us and by trying different things and really pulling my team together, we realized Team Travel needed to be our direction. Our agency was rebranded, repositioned and repurposed to fully focus on how we could help the collegiate travel industry. Kenny and I still work together and joke about our early days. The greatest gift in focusing on collegiate sports teams was making friends who all these years later are my extended family.

Q: How long have you been involved with The Hamels Foundation?

A: We first heard of The Hamels Foundation in the summer of 2012. We were working on a travel project together, but we wanted to learn more as to what the Foundation entailed. We had always wanted to volunteer and help others. While we continued to do small things here in our local community, we found it so inspiring that The Hamels Foundation were looking for educational solutions here across the U.S. and in Malawi.

As a young child, my Mom-mom and Pop-pop were always helping others and focusing on the importance of education. When I was a teenager, my Mom would pay for private education in our area for High School students. Our children have been learning about The Hamels Foundation’s mission and I genuinely hope that they will continue our family tradition of being involved when it comes to education. Ultimately, The Hamels Foundation held the same values my parents and grandparents instilled within me, just on a much grander scale.  To say that we can be a part of this is beyond words.

Q: Tell us about your recent trip to Malawi.

A: My mom, Eileen, and I want to thank The Hamels Foundation and every single person that has contributed to their efforts. The difference they are making is awe-inspiring and entrusting us to travel with your gifts of light and shoes that grow was an honor that we will never forget. With that being said, these young people no longer have to walk for hours, barefoot and in the dark to attend school. The Namunda Primary School houses driven, curious, exuberant, beautiful, kind and genuinely thankful students. I wish I could appropriately express in words just how incredibly heartwarming my experience was!

They say if you stay true to your vision, well then you will see a solution, if you listen, then they will hear, if you act upon it, changes will be made, if you build it, they will come and together the differences made by all, will change the hearts of many.

Q: What does the Namunda Primary School offer?

A: The Namunda Primary school offers students these key factors, that other public schools in Malawi lack: a free private education (other private schools charge a fee), breakfast in the morning, a shelter to seek on rainy days prior to the doors opening, a clean and stable environment, separate bathroom facilities for young women and men (most schools lack any type of facilities), housing for the teaching staff( to ensure high quality educators), smaller class sizes (to keep the ratio of teacher to student in line), sporting area, fresh water well, library and so much more. This is only in Malawi, not to mention the projects that are happening throughout the United States. I have officially seen in person where 100% of all of our combined donations are making an incredible educational impact for the children of our future. Please continue to keep up the good work, because every bit is truly helping and there is still so much that we can accomplish. To the young man who expressed his desire to work for the foundation someday, for taking the time to teach me some of your language, the little girl holding her melon and porridge, the sweetest little boy running after our van as we left, while you may all be so far away, you are forever in my heart and soul and I truly hope that I will see you again very soon. Thank you for opening my eyes and changing my life story.

Q: Tell us your favorite part of last year’s Top of the Hill and what you are looking forward to this year.

My absolute favorite part of Top of the Hill last year was having an event for family and friends to come together for an evening, share in laughter, make memories and at the same time make a difference. The evening was all encompassing from the minute you stepped foot on the farm with interactive games, rides, food, a bonfire, and music. While I really enjoyed all of this, I am most looking forward to hearing The Hamels Foundation share their story since we saw them last year and of what/where/when and how we can continue to make a difference together in the future.

Thank you to Holly and All Worldwide Travel for being our presenting sponsor and sharing so much of yourself with us. Join all of us next week at Top of the Hill on September 20th.