EDUCATION. This is where it all started when we created The Hamels Foundation. We knew this was the foundation for helping kids to succeed in school and in life. In our travels across the globe, we discovered one common denominator in both third world countries and even developed countries such as America: the educational needs of children were not being met. Our next step was to investigate ways to help, which led us to explore numerous organizations that help these kids locally and globally. However, it became quickly apparent that a majority of our donation would not make the direct impact to the cause at hand that we had hoped. This realization was the impetus of The Hamels Foundation. Our promise to our staff, donors, sponsors and the children was quite simple: not one dollar raised would be spent on administrative or overhead costs in any way, but instead, would go directly to the cause itself. We have been very successful in this aspect and more importantly, following through to make sure that the funds are sent directly to the children that are in the highest need.

Fast forward to the present, we are very proud to have built THE model school for all of Malawi, Africa, provided THE largest grants ever given to the Philadelphia School District and awarded over $3 Million in grants to schools across America and abroad in Africa. We take tremendous pride in running a first-class charitable foundation and have worked endlessly to ensure every donated dollar goes as far as it can and helps children to achieve their dreams. This is why we believe in sustainable projects and materials that can last at least 5-10 years so that donated funds are not one and done. We make sure every school that submits an application for a sustainable project or material gets considered and conduct face-to-face and on-site interviews to understand each schools’ needs. In addition, we follow up with each school that receives a grant in order to hold all parties accountable and to show our supporters that their donations are hard at work.

To us, this is much more than a foundation that you simply give money to. To us, this is a way of life. We live and breathe our philosophy each and every day. We are always brainstorming new ways to help these schools and these children reach and exceed their goals and dreams. We are fortunate to have an outstanding Board of Directors consisting of school teachers, principals, community and business leaders.  They play a vital role in the decision-making process that will help shape the solutions for specific communities and schools. We accept the responsibility of being a part of a community and building the confidence needed that when time and money are donated to The Hamels Foundation, those resources are hard at work for many years to come.  It is our solid belief that education is the answer to the world’s problems and we are going to put all of our efforts into the education that each and every child deserves, no matter where they are from.

Education is the Answer!