Tomorrow, the Hamels Foundation team is embarking on our annual trip to Malawi. We are excited to be bringing your donations to the Namunda Primary School campus, the students, and their families. Delivering and sharing the Shoes That Grow and Luci Solar Lanterns are just one of the many things we are looking forward to doing – ultimately brightening lives and providing vital resources to those who would otherwise go without. Founder Heidi Hamels describes Malawi as “devastatingly beautiful,” recognizing the devastation poverty bears, yet highlighting the beauty within of the warm-hearted people.

“Showing our readers and donors everything about Africa and what its people have to offer is a top priority”, says Heidi. “The people that we bring are always so blown away by how beautiful the country of Malawi is and how amazing the people are, but also how unbelievably poor the country is and yet how warm and bright the people are. You see it in their everyday smiles.” Heidi points out. “Being a part of this process is incredible. I get so excited helping the people we bring with us get connected to the country and a passion or a project they may not have realized they had if they had never come.”

Chief Operating Officer Kathy Greene is excited to go back to Malawi, as she looks forward to the impact education has made in the lives of these beautiful people in such a short time. “A good education empowers children by allowing them to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it,” she explains. “I have always felt that the people of Malawi know a secret about life and living; against all odds, they demonstrate love for each other and live in the moment. It is seen in the depths of their actions – love and the present moment is all they have.”

Each time our team goes to Malawi, we get more ingrained in the culture, the everyday life, and the hopes and dreams of the people that live, work, and grow here. Creating an environment where we see hope thrive is something that we have always dreamed of. We are so, incredibly honored and awed by the growth of the Namunda Primary School campus and the surrounding community. Every single part of this community exists because of our supporters who believe in the power of helping others.

Join us as we work on the community of dreams – and thanks to you – every single child here has the possibility to achieve a strong, educated future.