Earlier this year, Amelia Sperry, a Senior Girl Scout preparing for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project, dedicated her efforts to helping Malawi students Light Their Way with MPOWERD Luci Solar Lanterns.

The Girl Scout Gold Award Project is the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts of the USA, earned by Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts, and is a huge undertaking, with each girl spending 10-12 months on her project. Only about 6% of Girl Scouts are honored with the Gold Award each year.

Amelia Sperry of El Cajon, California, has been a Girl Scout for over a decade. A graduate of Valhalla High School and part of Troop 6486, she shone in her role with the Girl Scouts as she advocated to Light Their Way.

Amelia’s focus to inspire the people of her community to raise awareness of how they can improve the educational experiences and the learning processes of young children in Malawi. “My project specifically addressed how providing solar-powered lamps in schools could provide a better educational opportunity for them. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world,” she points out. The majority of their people live without electricity, living on just pennies a day, and most children do not have access to schools. If Malawi children do get to attend school, they must walk for miles, and often return home in the dark, and are unable to read or study.

By giving educational presentations to groups and businesses in her community, Amelia encouraged donations of solar-powered lamps for the children of Malawi to gain an education and escape poverty. “Without international community awareness of the educational crisis and assistance for basic items, we cannot be engaged in solving the serious educational issues in Malawi,” Amelia stated. “By increasing awareness for their plight, my community donated basic items and solar-powered lamps that specifically help Malawi children with their education.”

Amelia noted she was nervous about public speaking, but she overcame her trepidation by practicing her presentation with family members and friends – she was proud that she could inspire her community to assist the children for a brighter future – both literally and figuratively.

Both Amelia’s mom and troop leader, Laura Sperry, as well as her project manager, Kathleen Greene, of The Hamels Foundation encouraged her leadership in this project.

We encourage everyone to take a moment of each day, reflect on what you have, and how you can help others. We are very grateful for Amelia’s hard work to Light Their Way for The Hamels Foundation, and all the Girl Scouts Gold Award winners. You can continue to spread light to students at our Namunda Primary School in Malawi by donating a Solar Lantern.

We hope Amelia’s work inspires other Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to get involved with The Hamels Foundation. If you would like more information on working with us for like projects, please contact us.

Header image © Girl Scouts River Valleys