Education is the Answer

Written by Zephart Kazunguza

Facilities Manager & Foundation Liason

Namunda Primary School, Malawi, Africa

Not long ago, the children in Namunda Village, located in the Mulanje District of Malawi, had very little or no access to educational facilities. Those who dared could leave their homes, friends, and communities to travel long distances seeking an education.


Most of the girls grew up without any education at all. In the few short years they’ve been alive, they’ve seen more violence in trying to access quality education than anyone should in a lifetime.


Now, they have a reason to smile: they have a modern school in within their community, where they have a chance to learn and shape their futures.


Learning to read, write, and develop talents is a right all children have, wherever they are born and however they grow up. Thanks to you, these boys and girls are learning at a school not only equipped with classrooms, but with a library where they can nurture a reading spirit.

The youth literacy rate (literacy amongst people age 15-24) in Malawi is 75% and increasing.

Namunda Primary School library shelves with books.