Summer is upon us and the weather is warming up across the nation. It’s safe to say that water is one of the most important necessities this time of year – to play in, to bathe, to drink. But the bigger problem is clean water, and not everyone has access to this precious commodity.

At the Hamels Foundation, we strive to help each family in Malawi acquire clean water more easily. There is a lack of clean water and wells in Africa, specifically in Malawi, which can lead to poor hygiene, disease, and even death. According to The Millennium Development Goals Report, 1 in 10 people do not have clean water or access to clean water, forcing children to walk miles, even days, with their families to find a resource we so easily take for granted. In Africa, women alone spend 40 billion hours each year searching for water. This time consuming and labor intensive process prevents children from attending school and parents from working. What’s worse? Sometimes the water they find isn’t fully clean (Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water: 2010 Update).

As we continually check-in on the progress of our Namunda Primary School, the students, and their community, we have found that clean water and education go hand-in-hand. When children and parents can easily access clean water, more money is saved to pursue an education and more time is saved to attend school.

This month, we are focused on providing clean water to Malawi through $5 donations. With your help, we have been able to build a fully functioning well on the Namunda Primary School campus. Your donation will give a child and their family access to clean water, as well as keeping the Namunda Primary well functioning properly for the entire community’s use.

Before you jump into the pool or enjoy a tall glass of water this summer, we ask you to think about the families in Malawi who don’t have clean, safe water at their disposal. It’s never been easier to change, and even save, a life. Donate $5 for clean water today! #WaterMalawi.