Your donations and support make it possible for The Hamels Foundation to meet our mission of providing support for educational projects and programs for children. Through general donations, event sponsorships, direct project and program giving, your gift can make a difference in the life of a child.

100% of your donation directly supports the project of your choosing.  

Donate any amount to any project of your choosing and share in our vision to empower children through education.

Leave a Legacy with us.

Leave A Legacy Donation Options

You can transform lives with a donation anywhere between $5 to $32,000. Every penny will directly impact the life of a child.

$5 – Feeds a student two meals for a day.

$10 – Provides 10 library books to be housed at the Namunda Primary School Library.

$15 – Provides a student with his or her own set of school supplies to use daily.

$20 – Provides a student with a routine medical examination, a pair of Shoes That Grow, or a Luci Solar Lantern.

$25 – Provides a washable, reusable personal hygiene kit for our female students.

$35 – Provides a school uniform to a student.

$50 – Provides an annual vision test and necessary eyeglasses for a student.

$85 – Provides a student desk, handmade in Malawi, for students to sit, concentrate, and learn.

$150 – Provides a teacher’s desk and chairs to ensure proper teaching.

Mail-in Contributions

P.O. Box 10654
Springfield, MO 65808

Planned Giving

If you’re interested in planned giving to The Hamels Foundation, please contact us to learn more.


Project U.S.

Help support educational opportunities for children in the United States! When you make a donation towards our domestic projects, you are helping to:

  • Provide stimulating learning environments
  • Implement high-quality educational programs
  • Enhance necessary provisions to promote learning

Your donations have helped fund over 70 schools in the United States. If you would like to see educational improvements in your community, donate today!

Donate any amount. 100% of your donation will stay in the United States to support Project U.S.

Project Malawi

By supporting our Leave A Legacy Program, you can make a life-changing, direct gift to support our Namunda Primary School in Malawi, Africa.

  • $500 – Provides classroom supplies for one year for teachers to effectively teach and for students to utilize while learning.
  • $750 – Provides a library table and chairs for a fully functioning library to promote and enhance literacy.
  • $1,000 – Provides sports equipment (per sport) to promote healthy lifestyles and give kids the opportunity to learn new activities.
  • $5,000 – Feeds all students meals for one year.
  • $30,000 – Provides teacher housing to secure the most talented teachers available.
  • $32,000 – Funds the construction costs of one classroom at the Namunda Primary School.