The world is forever evolving, and we strive to create lasting impacts on the people we support. The Hamels Foundation laid the groundwork for change by starting with education. Education means so many things.

Education is our answer to the problems that trouble our communities at home and around the world. Over 120 million school-age children cannot read or write, along with millions of children who are illiterate.  These children weren’t given the proper fundamentals and resources to begin their education and continue with success.

At The Hamels Foundation, we understand that children can’t always get their hands on the tools they need to thrive, and that is where we come in. Our goal is to not only provide quality education but to make sure students have the resources to be healthy and stable enough to attend school.

Both domestically and internationally, education is the answer for improving health and wellbeing, promoting economic stability, and supporting women empowerment.

We seek to empower women and children, to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Specifically, in Malawi, Africa, we strive to: educate both males and females on health and wellness through HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, provide clean water sources for the community, maintain latrines on campus, and more. We also focus on forming cognitive skills, such as math and science, which have shown to have a direct impact on economic stability. Fun ways to do this locally is by supporting places like the Discovery Center and the Academy of Exploration.

In whatever ways we can, we help each community we serve to grow stronger.

With a community-based approach to education, children feel prepared in the classroom and in their everyday lives, providing opportunities to overcome challenges.

There are ways YOU can be the change! Attend our events, volunteer with us, or donate to a project of your choosing. Make the decision to approach progress, and will influence change right in your backyard and across the globe.