At The Hamels Foundation, we celebrate teachers every day. This week is Teachers Appreciation Week, so we are focusing on just how important teachers are. In Malawi and across the world, teachers are leaders who bring knowledge to children – helping them develop skills, learn about the world they live in, and understand worlds they don’t.

Teachers are important for so many reasons, which is why we think every week should be Teachers Appreciation Week! There are no words to describe our gratitude for the work teachers do, investing in our lives and giving us hope for a brighter future. At the Namunda Primary School in Malawi, Africa, our teachers are the cornerstone of turning our vision of a groundbreaking school into a reality. These university-educated men and women chose to return to rural village life in Mulanje to help change children’s lives by providing a higher quality education than they could receive anywhere else in Malawi.

In every school, it is crucial for a teacher to have a safe space in their classroom. Proper classroom furniture establishes a routine for the room and creates a hub for a teacher to teach and students to learn. A teacher’s desk not only impacts the teacher positively but also makes the students more comfortable asking for help and interacting with their teacher.

Want to help students learn at their maximum potential? Please consider donating to bring teachers’ desks to our classrooms across the world. Your generous gift allows teachers to plan, concentrate, develop ideas, and provide quality education to students. It also ensures that the Namunda Primary School students be successful learners who are inspired to make an impact on their communities, and maybe even become teachers themselves.

While we celebrate teachers this week – and always – we also celebrate you, our readers and gift-givers, because, without you, students and teachers would not have a chance to learn and grow. If you can, please consider donating to a teacher’s desk and help the future become a teachable moment.