This Holiday season has given us time to reflect on what we have and how we can better help others. Holidays are a big part of our culture and connecting with one another through shared interests, thoughtful gifts, and love. Holidays are a part of the fiber that binds us all together.

We’ve asked you to help with our No Empty Shelves initiative with the goal of filling our Namunda Primary School library with books for every student. In the same way that Holidays bring us together, we believe that reading does the same. When we pick up a book, we are immersing ourselves in cultures and stories that were not previously known to ourselves. Books have the power to transform a child’s world once they learn to read, and that is what The Hamels Foundation is excited for this December.

We want to share what we have discovered and how your $10 is at work. In Malawi, books bring children to unknown places and teach children about the world that exists outside of their own. But literacy also helps children impact their own communities in ways that were never possible before. How?

Students at our Namunda Primary School are becoming more literate, at earlier ages, and are breaking down barriers by taking what they learn home and teaching their parents. According to UNESCO, over 180 million African adults are unable to read and write, which encourages the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and disease; however, as youth literacy rates are rising in Africa, so are literacy rates among adults.

What we have found, is that the literacy problem in Malawi starts with a lack of opportunity in education and the solution starts here, with us – and you!

As we continue to pour into the youth and the education system, not only are children expanding their possibilities for opportunity and success, generations of families are now able to improve their homes and communities by possessing the necessary tools for progress.

This year, our Holiday wish is to give a gift that keeps giving and with No Empty Shelves, we can!

Click here to donate a library book for just $10. #NoEmptyShelves